Jack Tretton, President and CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.

"I've had great success and trust with the group and I'd recommend them to friends...

I always got the impression that they were interested in working with me for

the long term and not putting me into a quick hit and run strategy...

We developed a personal relationship from the beginning and they know me as a person and my

financial goals...Based on past success, I will always be willing to listen to future opportunities."

Randy Vataha, President of Game Plan LLC., Former New England Patriots Player

“They have always been very attentive and helpful and have made excellent recommendations

in terms of  financial planning and outside advisors to assist us when needed. My personal

experience has had involvement at every level of the sports industry as player, union negotiator,

teamowner, agent for professional players and now sports investment banking. McConnell

Rothman has proven to be very knowledgeable every step of the way. I am also aware of many

other sports clients they have who have utilized their services for many years.”

Smaiyra Million, Chief Operating Officer of Millennium Partners Sports Club Management LLC.

“Mike has grown with my family by putting himself in my shoes and providing

individualized attention. He's not waiting  for me to call. He's being proactive and acting

as my conscience. I've always had confidence and I trust him to think about my

investments, make sure I know the options available to me, and help me choose what's

appropriate for my family.”

Timothy Fox, Sales Director of RR Donnelley, Radio Personality and former New England Patriots Player

“I've never had an issue with the IRS even though I am not a good record keeper and I'm a

constant procrastinator. They make it easy for me. When I first came into the league,

I started investing in real estate and I had a real need for someone to do my taxes.

McConnell Rothman has been a great investment for me.”

Angelica (Jill) Leone, President of Leone Star Services Inc

“They are always available, giving you extra time when you need it. They are very accessible

and take a real personal interest in your situation. I always feel like I have been well taken

care of. I've been with McConnell Rothman for 30 years and I hope to be with them for

another 30. You just can't get any better.”


Bill Lenkaitis, Owner of William Lenkaitis DDS, former New England Patriots Player

“This has been a great relationship. He calls me about something that he knows would have

a bearing on me. He's always sharing tips he read that would help me. Since I've been with

Alan, his approach hasn't changed. He's not only a good professional, he's a good friend

and he always has my best interests at heart. Everybody that works with them should know

that. He's straight forward with what he does for you. He does it very conscientiously and

conservatively. Any time I've needed something, he's been there.”



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